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Product Details

This product was designed by a Greenkeeper specifically to target one of the biggest bugbears and most soul destroying duties on any Golf Course, pumping and raking bunkers only for them to flood again overnight and the whole task have to be undertaken again the following day, tying up valuable resources, ending only when it stops raining.

Bunker Plug conforms to R&A rules.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

The diagram below shows how BUNKER PLUG copes with even the most persistent and heavy rainfall. Water enters the unit through the grill filling the upper chamber where any sand and contaminants are trapped. When this is full, water then flows down the central pipe into a second sand trap, then enabling it to flow freely away down the existing drainage run.

Bunker Plug Diagram


There's no need to use a contractor. BUNKER PLUG can be fitted by course staff in about an hour with practically no disruption to play.

Watch the video to the right for step-by-step installation instructions


Maintenance will vary from bunker to bunker dependent on catchment, drainage depths and conditions. Basic maintenance is as follows:

  1. After rainfall, remove grill. Place maintenance pipe (not shown in diagram) onto top of unit and pull plunger up until the disc is level with the bottom of the maintenance pipe.
  2. Remove both together, keeping sand trapped in the maintenance pipe.
  3. Reach into BUNKER PLUG, remove bucket and empty the excess sand.
  4. When necessary clean or replace screen.
  5. Occasionally sand may accumulate under the bucket in the base of the unit. Periodically check and clean.
  6. Replace as fitted.