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Cost Savings


Based on a typical Golf Course with 73 Bunkers(18 Holes, 4 bunkers per hole and practice). After 2 years the savings would have paid for the installation of approx 53 Bunker Plugs and after 3 years will allow for the installation of approx 90 Bunker Plugs which is well in excess of the number of Bunkers on an average course.

Bunker Refurbishment - Immediate Saving £ 2,400
Pumping - Immediate Saving £ 1,850
Playability - Revenue Increase by Rounds per day
(Phased over 2-years)
£ 3,150
TOTAL £ 7,400


Full in-house refurbishment including Sand, Aggregate, Machinery, Pipe, Labour etc.
Typical size bunker - 50m² requires approximately 8.5 Tonnes of sand at 4" compacted depth
Costs - £800 per Bunker
Refurb of bunkers as needed - on average 6 Per Year

Total Cost £4,800
Bunker Plug doubles the time between full refurbs i.e. it halves the cost
Potential Saving £2,400 per year


25 days a year - with +15mm of Rainfall = Flooded Bunkers
Greenkeeper Staff @ £8.00 per hour
  8 hrs x £8.00 = £64 per Day
  £64 x 25 Days = £1,600 per year
Further Cost of Fuel + Pump Cost + Maintenance etc = £250.00

Total Cost £1,850 per year
Bunker Plug eliminates the need for pumping bunkers
Potential Saving £1,850 per year
The cost of a bunker pump alone is over £1,000!

Playability - Revenue Increase by Rounds per day

Based on average course with about 1,800 rounds per month
Customer satisfaction, lost ball in flooded bunkers, no penalty drop in medal play, less time, G.U.R etc.
@ 1% increase (on rounds only) phased over a 2 year period based on and average 1,800 rounds per month
  18 Rounds x £35 per Round = £630 per month
  £630 x 5 wet months = £3,150 per year

Potential Increase £3,150 per year
Not including increases in ancillaries sales!