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Bunkers are unquestionably one of the biggest problem areas on golf courses. Continually ranking in the top three complaints relating to Golf Courses are poorly maintained and flooded bunkers. More time is spent maintaining them than any other part of the course, absorbing some 30-35% of the annual maintenance budget. BUNKER PLUG significantly reduces these costs keeping your bunkers in play all year round, year after year, not only improving playability but dramatically reducing maintenance time/costs especially during periods of wet weather.

"After three years of testing and development, BUNKER PLUG now provides an affordable solution to a problem that has plagued Greenkeepers for generations. Having experienced these problems first hand in my previous role as a Greenkeeper, I invented BUNKER PLUG. Not just Bunkers! Any problem area on the course can benefit from the installation of BUNKER PLUG. It's a simple, innovative and affordable solution to a persistent problem."

Jeremy Parkman
Inventor of BUNKER PLUG